Summertime Slacking

7 Jun

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

I apologize, faithful patrons for ignoring you these past couple of days. I was distracted by quite a few things and I neglected the internets in the process.

What have I been doing, you ask?

– I’ve been reading The girl with the dragon tattoo, and I can’t put it down. You should probably pick it up.

– I explored an abandoned house which may or may not have been haunted. Slightly terrifying but quite exhilerating.

– Went to my first Stag and Doe on the weekend. I won a bag of nuts, and they are delicious (don’t even…)

– Had a delicious portobello mushroom burger from Bungalow in London, ON. It was reasonable (9.99) and you could put as many toppings as desired. Delicious. They also had bison, buffalo, turkey, tuna, and beef burgers for the carnivores.

What a boring post!

Sorry about that.

If anyone wants to guest blog, you are more than welcome. Make me something fun! Or throw some topics at me that I could write about that you are interested in.

Much love,



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