If I Had A Billion Dollars

1 Jun

So much criticism is being aimed at the government for spending a hefty price tag ($1 Billion +) on security alone at the G20 summit in June. Rightfully so, especially if one puts that amount of money into perspective.

The Toronto Star did just that, finding the power in one billion dollars to do a heck of a lot of things like:

Reduce tuition by $1,000 for every student

Create 11,000 new construction jobs

Also, the maternal health plan would spend as much money as G20 security for a three year program. That would be $300 million a year instead of one billion for a three day event. With extra money, developing countries would receive more aid for women and children, obviously saving more lives.

MP Olivia Chow also says:

Three per cent of that $1 billion would provide all Canadian children a nutritious and healthy breakfast or snacks every day. We can lift all seniors out of poverty by increasing the guaranteed income supplement”

“Canada could pay one-third of the costs of the millennium development goal and save the lives of over 10 million women and children by 2015.”

CNN, in an article from way back in 1993 (so take with a grain of salt) also had some sillier ways to spend one billion dollars:

One year’s food for five million cats and dogs.

A before and after transformation: complete body makeover for 72,992 needy folks, including a face-lift; liposuction of the hips, thighs, stomach, and knees; and a nose job.

The average annual grocery bill for 250,000 families of four.

And on a more serious note, although U.S-centric, but can be translated into a Canadian perspective:

Two years’ worth of AIDS research at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, or a year’s worth of the drug AZT for 333,000 HIV-infected people.

And some crazier ways to spend it via Forbes.

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