Stuff Romi Likes: Summer Edition

25 May

Haven’t done a “Romi Likes” in a while.

Now that summer is here, my “want” list is piling up (and my have list is pretty static).

DISCLAIMER: I don’t technically actually know anything about fashion, but I love it nonetheless. As much as I love the snobbery of Lookbook, leave it on that site. I just want to go shopping, damnit.

Here are my sartorial desires / recommendations:

1. One shoulder dress – So cute, so summery. Perhaps in a colourful print would be ideal, probably the only thing (apart from the willingness to spend money) keeping me from buying this. The one below is from

2. Elastic Sandals – OK these aren’t wants, these are haves, but I suggest you grab a pair. I got ones similar to these from ZELLERS. $20. Great stuff from where you least expect it! And the best thing about these shoes is they adjust to your foot width (via elastic) which makes them super comfortable. Also, they don’t look too shabby when you’re trying to dress up without throwing on heels. Convenient, cheap, and comfortable.

3. Anything floral – I’ve been on a flower binge lately inspired by the city in bloom. This one is my most recent, but definitely not my last purchase. Excuse the smokiness of the pic. And yes, my Caesar was delicious, thanks for asking. $20, H&M.

4. A job? I would rather support my shopping habit than terminate it through unemployment, let’s be serious.

5. Wedge sandals – I have no idea where I would wear them, but I’ll find a place. Sad story: I saw the most beautiful pair at, of all places, a Marshall’s in Buffalo. So perfect, and only around $30, but they only had 2 sizes bigger than what I take. Sigh.

I don't suggest these. But they're probably good for your leg muscles? To each their own.

6. A summery hat – This is what I want: I fedora-like straw hat with a smaller brim. For some reason I can’t find the exact one I want anywhere. A straw bowler hat of sorts. Could be something like this. If found, please e-mail kthnx. –

7. Bandeau bikinis + black bottoms – Minimal crazy tan lines with a bandeau, and with black bottoms you can mix and match with a bunch of tops. As vulgar as it sounds, you’re killing many birds with one stone. That’s one lethal black bikini bottom. I suggest taking a gander at H&M, Target, and Joe Fresh for some cute bathing suits.

all around $14. From Top - H&M, Target, Joe Fresh

One Response to “Stuff Romi Likes: Summer Edition”

  1. Dylan Young at 8:17 pm #

    I enjoy the fact that you put a disclaimer on your own opinions about fashion. It’s meant to be enjoyed and discovered and I think you’re doing a fabulous job on your discovery except one thing; the wedge sandal which, looks an awful lot like what I can only describe as platform sandals. They were big in fashion a few years ago and worn by a famous girl group at that. Can you guess who they were? The Spice Girls! Need I say more on why you shouldn’t wear them anymore or do I really need to make a comparison to their come back? Oh ya! That’s right! It failed.

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