20 May

What do you get when you combine news with madlibs? An explosion of awesomeness, that’s what! The nerds at Maclife have created a madlib news piece on Apple’s latest lawsuit. Here’s the lib, and my version.

The latest in a series of lawsuits was filed against Apple today, this time by The Stag Shop.

The company, best known for producing the insanely Smelly Parrot, filed claim today, alleging that Apple infringed on  Eleventy Seven of their patents relating to their Slippery Stephen Harper’s user interface, Nuclear Weapons, and underlying architecture. In conjuncture with their lawsuit, the company has also filed a complaint with The Catholic Church, asking that they put an immediate stop to Apple’s export of Ovaries to Yemen.

Apple has announced that they have let go of their entire legal department, replacing them with Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan’s first action on behalf of Apple, was to file a countersuit against The Stag Shop, claiming that they had infringed on 666 of their patents for Monkey, Burrito and elements of their Canada interface.

Speaking on behalf of Apple, Lindsay Lohan stated that “Apple cannot simply sit by while Hairy Manatees tarnish our name and conjugate our stimulus packages.”

A-thank you.

p.s. post your Maclibs below!

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