All Work, Some Play

3 May

Being the executive editor for a student magazine takes up as much time as a full-time job, and that’s on top of the 8-class schedule I have. Hours of work to create a piece, who knows how many people will see. Slaving, stressing, arguing, making the tiniest decisions, and was it worth it?


We are publishing the mag this week, finally! Thankfully, I thrive on no sleep, too many hours, and no money, so surviving this ordeal was a manageable feat, and boy did I learn a heck of a lot.

For those looking to get involved in a print publication and for vets who know way more than I do about the process but would enjoy being amused by a rookie’s antics, here’s a couple things I learned along the way:

  • Although monitoring is necessary, it’s important to trust other people in the positions they’re in until they prove you wrong. Everyone is hired for something for a reason, so encouraging them to do their job well will help the publication succeed.
  • I found my job became static once things were off the ground. Instead of watching and taking advantage of free time, I would offer my help around. It’s the only way to gain more experience, and there’s always someone who needs something. I did, however, feel unhelpful when no one needed anything but it also shows how capable people are to complete their own personal tasks.
  • iPods are the best concentration tool ever. I am so sick of reading the same word 500 times. I recommend something with either no words (instrumental), or words you cannot understand (foreign language – recommendation: Sigur Ros)
  • For important interviews, have two ways of recording information. I filmed and used a recorder for one, and the recorder didn’t record, so thankfully I had back-up footage to keep me afloat.
  • Can I just tell you that I had about 4 other points after this one, and then I sloppily pressed a key and it all got deleted? What an odd way to follow up on a point about backing things up. *save draft*
  • Sleep is for the weak (/weekend).
  • Every single time you look at a piece of writing/ layout, there will be something wrong with it.
  • Beer breaks are essential.

Stay tuned this week when we will be launching the full magazine online. I will be posting my article specifically tomorrow!

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