Romi Reviews: “Born Free” – M.I.A

27 Apr

[Img: Banksy]

Here’s a link to M.I.A’s new music video “Born Free” (because WP won’t let me embed Vimeo vids…shame). Watch before reading this post.

I don’t know, guys. Here’s my initial reaction: The inability to speak, move, understand what happened in the last 7+ minutes. Let’s break it down…

The song I instantly loved, but I need to listen to it separately from the video, because part of the music’s appeal was the power with pictures. I found a strong connection between M.I.A’s new sound and the Chemical Brothers…did anyone else pick up on that? I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

The video…oh the video. Redhead massacre has begun again. For most of us, the idea of living in a country where acts of violence are carried out against us because of our race/religion/appearance etc… is such a foreign concept. M.I.A has always been outspoken about issues that affect her, but this time she used a music video to hit home for those used to being the status quo.

Though dramatized in “Born Free”, in different contexts, these terrible things happen all the time. We’re supposed to feel sick to our stomach. We want to turn away, but we can’t. We need to see it in a way we can understand to have the slightest bit of empathy for the innocent who are suffering.

This video  is the universal symbol for oppression, grotesque violence, inhumanity.

Though hard to watch, and as strange as it feels to say this, the video was beautiful in its own way. It’s a stark warning of what can happen in even the most civilized places when things go awry (i.e. the Holocaust). The severity of the video made the impact so strong, that I feel inclined to sit here in silence and think about how lucky I (think I) am.


One Response to “Romi Reviews: “Born Free” – M.I.A”

  1. Adil April 27, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

    Good Analysis Romi – agreed with the song being good and the CB connection.

    I’m noticing a lot of people use the word “beautiful” to describe this video and I’m not sure how to interpret that. Nothing about this is beautiful to me.

    Oh and nice use of Banksy there.

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