Stuff Romi Likes (Under $30)

1 Apr

So I did a little shopping this week. I probably shouldn’t have but sometimes, I can’t resist. Good thing I’m super cheap because nothing I bought cost over $30.

I figured I would spread my frugality and give you a peak at some cool things that I’ve bought/ seen / heard.

H&M fluorescent peep toe flats, $12 – They almost burned holes in my eyeballs, and I fell in love. I was looking for girly summer  shoes and these are the girliest and most summery. Epic win.

Vidal Sassoon mini straightener $24, Shoppers Drug Mart – I have super short hair now, so I needed a super tiny straightener as to avoid having pieces of my hair stand up on a 90 degree angle. It’s ceramic, it gets hot, and it actually works.

I remember buying a con-air straightening iron when I was in (early) high school and I’m pretty sure all it did was turn my curly hair into a frizzy ‘fro, so I banned myself from buying Shoppers hair devices, but this one was so cheap, and it is legit awesome.

American Apparel above the knee socks $10 – Technically these are supposed to fit right above the knee, but I’m short, so it fits as a thigh high, exactly what I wanted. Good transition from winter tights to no tights and it looks delightful with my oxfords! I feel though that it’s too risque to wear at school, but maybe I’m wrong?

Bill Clinton and George Bush in Haiti – The odd couple? This video makes me laugh. Start watching at 45 seconds. And yes, this is under $30…it’s free.

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