Stuff Romi Likes: “I Want That” Edition

17 Mar

You liked what I liked last week. I figured I would do it again, but this time, with things I would like to have in my possession.

1. Bright yellow rainboots – It’s the cliche spring item, but they’re so delightfully adorable! Whenever I’m wearing rainboots, I always have the urge to jump in giant puddles…because I can. If only I could find a pair on the cheap….

2. Trench coat – Another classic piece. I saw some super cute ones at Club Monaco, but what I really really want is some Burberry.

3. A job – If someone will pay me to do something at some point in the near future, that would be ideal. Preferably a fun job like blogging, or writing something, anything…. Who am I kidding though, all the awesome jobs are unpaid internships. A girl can dream, right? (Will send resume if requested…will work for clothes)

4. An obnoxiously bright manicure – like really bright. I’ve been wearing my purply grey OPI for Sephora…and it’s too drab for this time of the year.

5. Slap chop – I’m not even kidding. Everytime I see the commercial, I want to take something, slap it, and chop it. I would slap and chop so many unecessary things, but it wouldn’t matter, because I would have all the slapping and chopping abilities in the world.

I hope mine comes with a hand job.

Though my list of wants is endless, that’s all you’re getting for this week.

Tune in next week for rainbows, ponies, and a baby brother.

One Response to “Stuff Romi Likes: “I Want That” Edition”

  1. Dylan Young at 1:43 pm #

    You know whats perfect is that your last two items are tied together pretty closely with one of your last comments. Pretty sure Offer “Slap Chap Guy” Shlomi said “I hope mine comes with a hand job” to the pink nail polish wearing hooker. She said “No, that costs extra” and well you all know the rest of the story.
    Too Soon?

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