I Need A Name Change

10 Mar

Romi Says just isn’t sexy enough.

Lucky for me, what has been described by the CBC as “a popular domain on the internet” is now on the market. Yes, sex.com, probably the site most commonly typed by 13 year old boys into the address bar of their browser is being auctioned off in New York on March 18.

Imagine the possibilities! what a surprise unsuspecting teens and adventurous 60 year olds alike will get when instead of porn, they find the blog of a smart ass journalism student? VICTORY IS MINE!

…or is it?

It was bought in 2006 for $14 million but isn’t expected to fetch nearly as much this time around. Think they’ll give it to me for $5? If I start begging maybe, but the first bid is set at a cool one mill.

Turns out this domain name also has an odd history of stolen identity. Check out the full story here. Basically the dude who stole the domain name ran away to Mexico to avoid the $65 million judgment against him.

Domain drama!

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