Stuff Romi Likes

9 Mar

Other sites are dedicated to the likes of a certain group of people. Why can’t that group consist of one person?

Perhaps by me liking things, you will like them too. And then we can become one big group of happy people who like stuff that Romi likes. Once we establish this group, we can create a website called “Stuff Romi and Other People With The Same Interests Like”. What do you say?

Here I go!

1. Stuff Journalists Like – Yes, I’m a rookie journalist but already, I’m coming to understand what makes people of our profession squeal with joy. Things like bylines, free food, and crazy people are among the contributions.

(if you like this, you will most definitely also like Overheard In The Newsroom)

2. Canvas Shoes – I got mine for $16 at Urban Outfitters. They are white, and already dirty from walking through the conservation area by my school, but that’s all the fun of having sweet spring shoes. Bring on the awesome weather!

3. Sunshine – Having many months of cold greyness, it’s nice to see the sun and not fear that it’s -25 outside and windy. I swear to god, if it snows again, I’m going to…be pretty pissed off. Anyone want to fund a beach vacation for a sad, pale journalism student?

4. Not having any hair – Now that it’s 85% gone, I pretty much never have to brush it ever again. Awesome.

5. Departures – Probably the best travel show on the planet. I had the opportunity to attend the season 3 premiere this past weekend and it was pretty epic. If Departures doesn’t make you want to pack a bag and catch a plane ASAP, I don’t know what will. Beautiful cinematography, 3 guys I would love to be best friends with, and the opportunity to see places we may never have the chance to visit (like North Korea this season!). Saturdays at 10pm on OLN. And producers of Departures, if you’re reading this, I would like to pitch a female version of the show starring yours truly called SHEpartures. Eh? Eh?

6. My City Lives – I’m contributing to my buddy Adil‘s awesome site (you may remember him from his super blog posts on Romi Says). On MCL, You can post Toronto-related videos spotlighting an awesome small business, or anything that screams Tdot. I’ve got 5 up there right now, and I ain’t stopping. Torontonians, I highly recommend taking some vids and sharing them with fellow city dwellers.

4 Responses to “Stuff Romi Likes”

  1. Adil at 9:06 am #

    Stuff Adil Likes:

    1. The Romi Says Blog
    2. Romi’s new haircut
    3. My City Lives (yea that’s right, I like my own website. Go figure)

  2. ian at 12:41 pm #

    1) you walk in the conservation area by humber? and you’re still alive?!

    2) while only in the fringes of the journalism field, i spend a lot of time out in the community talking to random people… and i am absolutely DELIGHTED by crazy people. not only the totally batshit crazy people, but also the people you talk to normally for a few minutes before that light goes on in your head that says “oh, this person is totally crazy.” delightful.

    3) there, i commented on the actual blog 🙂

    • romeh at 12:43 pm #


      Thanks haha. Usually I post it on here anyways and make up an email address.

  3. Dylan Young at 4:02 pm #

    I would say I like the same things you like but I’m totally going bourgeois and liking things that other people like is totally passe (accent aigu).
    Journalists like, only want free stuff because they make no money anyways and I actually like to buy stuff but only from like poverish countries because I am totally into helping the environment since I like the environment when it gives me a great tan because it totally makes people smile more.
    I don’t know why you want to watch Departures though; why would you want to watch a plane take off just because its going to Korea? I almost fell for My City Lives though because I thought you meant The Hills which, is totally awesome and is such a great documentary show. I enjoy learning and what better way then learning about other people’s lives!
    Anyways, I guess I’m trying to say I don’t like the same things you do.

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