TTC Diaries: Metropass

2 Mar

Dear Diary,

I hate to play the customer service card but I have to in this case.

If there is a demand for Metropasses, then supply it. Commuters shell out $121 every month so that they can have the convenience of traveling around the city, to and from work, school, and wherever else they need to go. These people are willing to pay the TTC for this service, and the TTC should, in theory, provide the means to do so.

Problem is, you can’t get the Metropass ANYWHERE. A couple days into the month and most places are sold out of the card, including the bookstore on the Humber campus, a place where there should be a generous stock of passes.

Seeing that Humber is a commuter school, thousands of its students rely on the TTC, and when they aren’t given the opportunity to buy their passes for the month at a discounted rate, it adds to the debt burden they already have.

Beyond Humber, the TTC has licensed a limited number of places to buy Metropasses and it’s always hit or miss whether or not they will sell out. The Metropass machines are almost always sold out at lightning speed.

For a service allegedly rooted in customer service, I would like to be treated as if the TTC cared to retain customers.

End rant.

2 Responses to “TTC Diaries: Metropass”

  1. Someone at 8:18 am #

    Metropass discount plan. They even mail the passes to you a week before the new month.

    The grocery store near where I live (on Yonge street) ALWAYS had metropasses from when they came out until well into the new month. Shame that they’re tearing the store down for condos but I realised that since I buy a pass every month the MDP is better and cheaper.

    • romeh at 11:12 am #

      committing to the MDP, do you have to buy the Metropass every single month?

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