TTC Diaries: If I Were The TTC Chair

12 Feb

I would..

10. Appoint a subway car to be the “party car” that is decorated in a different theme every week. Everyone will want a ride on the party car, trust me.

9. No pants subway ride would be once a month.

8. Find private investors. I know selling the TTC off is a scary thought, but it could work if it was heavily regulated.

7. Implement an actual customer service program.

6. Regulate the behaviour of TTC staff. Punishment for slackers, but no Nazi regime. Of course grabbing a coffee is okay, but for 3 minutes not 15.

5. Not be a city councillor.

4. Not send suspect text messages to scantily clad women.

3. Not go on vacation when my feelings are being hurt.

2. Improve the consistency of streetcar and bus service. (no transportation for an hour and then 5 buses in a row? No.)

1. Keep my pants on.

p.s. How adorable?

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