A Chat With Giorgio Mammoliti

9 Feb


In collecting sources for my article in the Humber College paper, I had the opportunity to speak with some of the mayoral hopefuls.

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (of Ward 7), who graduated from Humber, is known for his tough-on-crime outlook, and his unorthodox plans for the city if he becomes mayor of Toronto. I shied away from what we usually hear about him to focus on the student perspective. Post-secondary students, after all, make up 200,000 of the Toronto mosaic.

Here’s some bits and pieces from the interview:

On promoting to students:

I think you’ll probably see my campaign going directly into the schools, assuming the administration will allow that to happen of course.

I want to take the campaign into the post secondary schools and universities in the city. Bring out the flavour of the students, the younger crowd, and talk about their concerns, their needs to see what it is that I can effectively promote in a platform that will directly benefit them.

To start, students have a huge contribution to the city, now more than ever. Traditionally students have pretty much stayed on campus, haven’t really worried about elections, didn’t really understand what that meant to their future livelihoods and who they elect. I think that has changed dramatically. There are more students voting now than ever before. So as a candidate I recognize that and need the student vote in order to succeed.

On maintaining a relationship with students if elected:

I think it’s important not only a relationship with the mayor be established but a relationship with City Hall and students be set up. Who best to tell us how to do it than the students themselves? That might be a reason to go in and talk to them during this campaign.

Journalism students are the future of reporting in the city and they should be front and centre where all the action might be happening at city hall. We may want to extend that courtesy from just an ability to come into the mayor’s office to perhaps even looking at some space for journalism students to take up at City Hall to do some work. That might be a way to show some true support for upcoming stars.

On his ward / Business Improvement Area:

We need infrastructure in the city more than ever, and certainly in our pocket, that being the northwest pocket. I can clearly say that we have been ignored for 13 years. The only reason I got away with doing what I’m doing with infrastructure changes in emery village is because I’ve created partnership with the private sector. It is the businesses that pay taxes into the BIA (Business Improvement Area) and they’re contributing to these changes. What I think needs to happen is a concerted effort on City Hall’s part to establish an infrastructure program that hits the cores that have been neglected over the past 13 years. My area is certainly one of them and North of the campus is another one.

One of the reasons why we have social problems in some of the difficulties in some of these areas is there’s a lack of education when it comes to those that live in our communities and its clear to me that without education, the trend will only continue. Partnerships with our universities and colleges are important. I think those partnerships are key in many aspects. I know the work that needs to happen, it’s a lot of money. Our priorities can be shifted and talked about.

On why Humber College is awesome:

Listen, If it wasn’t for Humber college, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now. That’s the reality. They gave me a good education. I’ve utilized those skills during my career. I don’t have a university degree, you should know that. I’m a simply guy who went to college at night. I did my education at night. I owe everything to Humber College. They were wonderful, they were accommodating. Humber College has been great today and I would love to give back.

One Response to “A Chat With Giorgio Mammoliti”

  1. paul ford at 7:37 pm #

    Mammoliti gives nothing but meaningless platitudes in this interview. His actual platform for a run at being mayor is mostly based on his obsessions with sex and money. And let’s not forget his history of homophobia. This man is a nut, not fit for elected office, period.

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