Sick Leave And Other Wonderous Things

2 Feb

Hello valued readers,

My apologies for my previous and possibly future absences. It seems as though I have a case of the common cold. In between sniffles, I thought I would give you the heads up that my blog-frequency may not be too high this week so that I can recover and bring you informative (and not so informative) goodness.

I hope you didn’t waste your time watching the Grammys. Performances were sub par (minus Gaga and Pink), I didn’t have any 3D glasses, and Tarantino made me extremely uncomfortable. Also, Jamie Foxx is an unnecessary addition to any media event.

I was shown an article about a fictional web series where people can vote whether or not a girl will get an abortion. It’s purpose is to open public debate. I say it’s an interesting way to do so, and it doesn’t involve real pregnant people so cool, but if it did, not cool.

Also, I saw a guy cutting his fingernails on the TTC bus. That’s just disgusting. Please don’t do that ever, and if you see someone doing it, take a picture and send it to me.

And there may be an Ontario-wide college strike come February 11th. Considering there’s only a slim chance of settlement beforehand, I expect at least 2 days off of school. It’s bittersweet, but I’ll take the time off.

What else?

I will be posting 2 exclusive interviews with mayoral candidates at the end of this week so look forward to that.

Speaking of which, Giambrone is officially running for mayor, and no, I didn’t talk to him. He’s probably too busy dancing on Youtube and being hated for screwing with the TTC.

Ok, that seems to be the end of my NyQuil-induced ranting,

Catch you all on the flipside.

p.s. have you anything to say? If you want to be a contributor to the site, I would love for you to write a guest post or ten. Please please e-mail me with any posts, videos, poems, pictures etc… you would like to get published on Romisays.


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