TTC Diaries: Awkward Timing

27 Jan

Dear Diary,

Toronto Transit Commission has been getting a lot of media coverage in the past week eh?

But does the good press outweigh the bad? Let’s investigate!

Bad Press

Good Press

  • TTC worker exposed for sleeping on the job via Twittpic
  • TTC Workers’ Union outraged because photographer didn’t evaluate level of consciousness of said worker
  • Online trip planner leaked accidentally on the TTC website
  • Pedestrian struck by streetcar on Sunday died monday
  • Mayoral hopeful Rocco Rossi targets TTC as part of his platform, criticizing its infrastructure and spending habits.
  • TTC extended time by which tickets can be exchanged for tokens
  • Adam Giambrone set to announce his intention to run for Toronto Mayor in October
  • Giambrone vows to make the TTC more customer service oriented

Nope, guess not.

Better luck next week, TTC.

Romi OUT.

4 Responses to “TTC Diaries: Awkward Timing”

  1. Rob at 11:43 am #


  2. ian at 10:35 am #

    mayor?? giambrone is like 8 and a half years old?!?! every time they interview him i think he’s in the social sci building at western because the architecture looks the same and he looks like he could still be a student there.

  3. romeh at 8:19 am #

    I hear ya. I don’t think he’s ready. He’s a little too ambitious. And if he doesn’t get it, then where can he take his political career really?

  4. brownoutmagazine at 9:26 am #

    TTC sure is under a lot of heat these days. But haven’t they always been? This week was pretty harsh though.

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