Bizzaro World (News)

22 Jan

Congrats to Scott Brown on ruining a Kennedy legacy, and aborting a tradition of class. Welcome to the Senate.

Oh the weirdness of the world. To divert your attention from your schooling and working, or to push you further into the procrastination pit, I’ve compiled some of the oddities of the week right here on the wonderful blog of me.

The Mexican ruling party wants to send some musicians to jail for performing songs that glorify drug use / trafficking. Afroman probably shouldn’t go to Mexico.

It seemed like a good idea at the time when 10 brave young Germans decided to drink chili sauce 200 times hotter than normal. Eight ended up being hospitalized, all of which are the laughing stock of their high school. For shame.

“Your room will be ready at 4, Charles is just taking a nap” – Holiday Inns in Manchester and London are offering guests the option of having one of their staff members warm your bed up by lying between the sheets in a fleece sleeper suit. And all this time I was complaining about my hotel beds looking ‘slept in’. Little did I know, I was being given a luxury upgrade.

Poe-no show – Every year, a mystery visitor frequents Edgar Allan Poe’s grave site in Baltimore and leaves a bottle of cognac and some roses in celebration of the poet’s birth. This year, the ‘Poe Toaster’, as he’s been dubbed wasn’t there. A disruption of the 61 year toasting tradition.

Only in Alaska would a man be jailed for throwing a taco. One day in jail and probation, but still. I don’t even want to provide you with the man’s defense. That would be ruining such a good thing.

My friend Carly directed a play where her characters were stuck in an elevator for an extended period of time. It must suck being stuck in an elevator. A woman in Madrid happened to be stuck in one for EIGHT days. Did I mention that the elevator was in her house? That’s what you get for being lazy.

Not enough?

Here is the ultimate directory of oddities in the news.

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