Another Reason To Start Going To The Gym

8 Jan

As hope dwindles for the fulfillment of New Year resolutions, perhaps there’s one common personal goal you will want to keep, unless you don’t mind strangers seeing you naked.

New body scanners have been ordered by Canada to comply with heightened security in the United States. As you might have heard, these scanners can see right through your clothes. No first date, no foreplay, no nothing.

Airport security can see whether or not a person is carrying plastic explosives and dangerous items. Your image cannot be saved on the device, thankfully, but groups are still concerned about breaches in privacy. Honestly though, I’ll risk a person or two seeing me nekkid in exchange for my (relative) safety.

As a suicide net on a bridge can convince someone to jump elsewhere, this new technology, I’m sure, will not stop potential terrorists and conspirators from finding creative ways to wreak havoc.

In terms of privacy, does this security device make you feel more self conscious? Is it crossing the line regarding our personal space and privacy or is it a worthy sacrifice?

Should airport security receive training on how to keep a straight face while looking at naked bodies all day? I know I would need it.

So many questions, so many readers. What do you think?


5 Responses to “Another Reason To Start Going To The Gym”

  1. Dylan Young January 9, 2010 at 4:17 am #

    I believe its worth the risk on either account. On one way it means life is just a little bit safer and it may make us use those memberships to the gym instead of just pissing them away at home or even talking while at the gym the whole time. So on either account I say A Ok and why wouldn’t I want someone to give me a wink at what they saw? Unless they are ugly, then its just creepy.

    • romeh January 11, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

      No shame, Dylan, no shame… haha

  2. AlexJ January 11, 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    As a ridiculously frequent travellor between Canada and the United States, I think this is beyond stupid…however I am left without another option if I wish to travel between the two. The TSA have made me incredibly uncomfortable on numerous occassions, including displaying my personal items for the world to see (under garments included) at Boston Internat’l Airport while trying to get to Toronto (nearly missing my flight I might add…)for a family function and most recently trying to distinguish my underwire from what they deemed to be something dangerous. They constantly act innapropriately without consequence. If I ask to speak to a supervisor/complain, I am labeled as “difficult” and put onto an additional list as punishment which subjects myself to further screening/interrogation/harrassment. There is simply nothing I can do about it as they are a government organization, and gd help you if you go against the red, white, and blue.
    If the TSA insists on having to do this, than I insist that they begin hiring people who are actually competant at their jobs. Clearly they’re doing a really good job of profiling individuals to be placed on “high security” risks when flying…but the TSA still acts inappropriately on a regular basis. There’s a reason that these individuals rank the most hated people in America above Tax Auditors and INS. These scanners not only make me nervous and uncomfortable…but more so the people running them. When flying home from Calgary, there was an major breech in the US Customs/Immigration/Security sector which rendered us trapped in a small section of the airport for 3 hrs and resulted in over 200 people missing their flights. If they’re not smart enough to figure out a machine is off and not taping (true story) how the hell are they going to a) figure out these fancy high tech machines and b) prevent someone from hacking in/using these images for other means?
    Take a look at Ben Gurion Aiprort on Tel Aviv which hasn’t had a security breech since 2002. Clearly they’re doing something right…and it doesn’t involve naked pictures of anyone.

    • romeh January 11, 2010 at 4:37 pm #

      From a seasoned flyer, I can definitely see your point. Perhaps the scanner, however, will eliminate the need for as many pat-downs. Apparently the people operating the scanners are in a different room, which should make the passenger feel more comfortable but I can see your point about there being a thin line between fair use of the machine and abuse and solicitation of images captured.


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