Romi Watches Some Movies

5 Jan

A month away from academic realities has given me plenty of time to get my cinema on. Fortunately, I’ve enjoyed every movie I’ve seen in the past couple weeks. I thought, for your benefit, I would review said movies briefly.


Director: Lee Daniels         Starring: Gabourey Sidibe

In order to see this movie, you really need to prepare yourself mentally. Too see so much pain, such a large burden on a young girl’s shoulders is tough to watch, but Daniels doesn’t let you look away. It puts you in your place, makes you thankful that you for your family, friends, and the roof over your head. It’s somewhat empowering, yet definitely not a ‘happy ever after’ scenario. There’s rarely a happy ever after when living below the poverty line.

Up In The Air

Director: Jason Reitman         Starring: George Clooney

More depressing than I thought it would be, but still a great film. It deals with true emotions, genuine loneliness, and questions regarding the alienating nature of technology. It ranked high on the relevancy scale. Couldn’t help but wonder if the film was slightly autobiographical of Mr. Clooney’s lifestyle?


Director: James Cameron             Starring: Sam Worthington

See it in 3D. After a film-making hiatus, Cameron delivers. A common criticism of the film is that the story is weak but it was strong enough to support the superior graphics. If the film was too deep, it would take away from the beautiful cinematography which, of course, is the centerpiece of Avatar. What technology has allowed films to become is unbelievable. I personally enjoyed the plot as it kept me enthralled for over two hours. One drawback is Worthington’s horrible southern accent, but it can be overlooked.

Good Hair

Director: Jeff Stilson      Starring: Chris Rock

A documentary on the business of African American hair. It’s a massive industry, but is often overlooked. Stilson and Rock are thorough yet extremely entertaining. As a Caucasian, I will never understand why one would spend so much time and money on hair maintenance, but Good Hair at least allows me to grasp the logic behind it.


Director: Clint Eastwood            Starring: Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon

If you don’t know anything about the South African Apartheid, I’d say do a little research before seeing the film. It will assist you in understanding the importance of this period in South African history. My family is from Johannesburg, so Invictus had an extra sentiment for me. Like Precious, Invictus puts you in a different place, a different way of living, where people are plagued with poverty. Invictus, however, is hopeful but being aware of the current conditions in South Africa remind us that the struggle is not over.


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