A Few Hard Men Are Good To Find?

4 Jan

The sex industry is a woman’s world. From prostitutes to porn stars, the woman get all the attention. Not that this is a great thing, it just is the way it is. I say “sex worker” you most likely think female.

A Las Vegas brothel is trying to change this by hiring some males to do the dirty work. The Shady Lady Ranch has received over 150 applications so far. I say, go for it.

Brothels are legal in the state of Nevada so this new initiative is at least a legal one.

What is interesting to me is that male sex workers at the Ranch are advertised to ladies mostly, and not any men. Legal sex-for-money operations are okay, but when it involves gay sex, it’s not?

George Flint, an executive for the Nevada Brothel Owners’ Association (NBA…lol) says allowing males to prostitute themselves to other males risks ruining the integrity of the organization. No offense, Mr. Flint, but a sex workers organization does not have much integrity to begin with. The prostitutes get tested often, so the risk of disease spreading is out of the question. What is it then, you’re afraid of losing?

And how successful can a male brothel really be? Do women want to pay for sex? Do they NEED to pay for sex?

I could see this working for couples interested in an extra partner but I couldn’t see too many women willing to pay $200 for a sex romp in the middle of the desert. Am I a slave to double standards or does this make sense?


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