10 Ways To Waste Time Until 2010

30 Dec

If I got paid for every hour I spend surfing the net, I would be filthy rich. Not something I’m proud of, but as a result of my addiction, I am pretty confident that I know a thing or two about cool sites around the interwebs.

Since everyone is jumping on the countdown bandwagon, I figured, heck, why don’t I do the same?

In the true spirit of nerdiness, and because being inside in on the computer is way more enjoyable than being outside in the freezing cold, here are my top ten websites of 2009:

10. Awkward family photos – What is more entertaining than seeing the goofy glamour shots of off-centred families? Nothing really. Whenever I want to feel normal, I spend a couple minutes hours on AFP.

9. Cracked – if you have a penchant for strange facts and conspiracy theories, check it out. Want to learn a badass skill in a week? Read this article to learn how. Just a taste of the odd, but fascinating stuff you dig through.

8. Failblog – How can I resist? Oh the joys of finding humour in others’ failure. Epic Win.

7. Sporcle – A quiz site I just can’t quit. What will Rick Astley never do? Can you name the countries of the world? It’s like the Lays of internet sites, I bet you can’t do just one (quiz that is..).

6. The Onion – mock news never tasted so good. As they claim, ‘America’s finest news source’.

5. Digg – One of the most important websites of the last couple years. It’s a forum for people to share interesting links to interesting things. A democratic way of sharing things on the internet.

4. Collegehumor – One day, I will work for you Collegehumor, and it will be glorious.

3. Toronto Blogs – Toronto has a huge blogging community.Here are some of my favourite Toronto blogs: Creativity Killed The Recession, BlogTO, and the Torontoist

2. Romisays… obviously.

1. Twitter – THE most important site of the year hands down. Although some will strongly disagree, it is the most democratizing database of any organization you could possibly think of. No I don’t care what the after effect of Ashton Kutcher’s burrito is, but I do want to know what the top headlines are for the Toronto Star, or what Fake Peter Mansbridge is up to. It is also the ultimate networking device, and a way for those who’s voices are restricted by their governments, to speak out publicly using a global forum.

What are your top sites of 2009?

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