Romi Reads The News [7]

29 Dec

Ah back to reality.

You can’t see me, but I’m now morbidly obese, filled to the brim with turkey, chocolate, and beer. This is the life.

Although it was a big holiday week, the world was full of bad news it seems. If you were too busy stuffing your face as well, here’s some items to catch up on:

Terror watch – An attempted airplane bombing of a plane traveling to Detroit means increased security in airports x 10000. Thankfully the suspect was detained, everyone arrived safe, but still a scary thought regarding what dangerous items may slip through the security cracks. A new twist suggests that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the suspected terrorist, was on Britain’s security watch list.

Stop giving him what he wants! – the man who refuses to talk to the media made newsmaker of the year by Canadian Press for the second time in a row. Ugh.

Torch troubles – while the Olympic torch was passing through Guelph, a 19 year old protester assaulted the woman carrying it, knocking her down. As much as I support protesting to an extent, when violence is involved, I lose respect for those fighting for awareness.

What a shocker – CBC reports that H1N1 is the top news story of 2009. No jaws drop.

1 half a man – Charlie Sheen was arrested on suspicions of domestic violence on Christmas day. The victim has not been identified. Merry Christmas to you, Sheen.

Almost there – Christmas Eve marked an important day for Obama, the passing of a healthcare reform bill in the Senate. A step towards universal healthcare, but still crucial in and of itself creating highly accessible insurance policies for millions of Americans.

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