An Education

21 Dec

What involves “kids” and “porn” but isn’t kiddy porn?

The list of top search terms for children 18 and under! Doesn’t that leave you with a warm and cozy feeling this holiday season?

Here are the top ten terms:

Searching for sex? The teen bracket is included in the search queries, they must be the ones populating the porn sites, right? Nay. Check out results by age:

At least the 8-18 year olds were more subtle, those 7 and unders didn’t waste any time. I’m all for kid-curiosity. The internet is essentially a sex-ed lesson in itself, but judging by the numbers of really young kids looking for porn, shouldn’t sexual education begin even younger than it is right now? More access to images without the facts isn’t providing minors with the information they need, it’s just igniting their curiosity for experimentation.

The search list is no surprise, and I don’t think it’s a big issue, minus the serious lack of equal parts education to early exposure to hardcore porn.

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