Romi Reads The News [6]

20 Dec

Good day to you all.

Events that are current? Here we go…

A somber day in Hollywood, as Brittany Murphy, 32, dies of cardiac arrest. In light of this, I will only focus on the good being her role in Clueless. You will be missed, Tai.

At least some of us are getting a white Christmas. And by white, I mean over 35 centimetres of the white stuff in the Northeast. When it snows, it blizzards, as they probably say somewhere. Wonder if it’ll move farther West to these parts.

Kind of an agreement: After the summit in Copenhagen, a casual agreement has been drafted, hopefully to turn into a UN approved one in the future. Sounds like the 12 day retreat really got down to business. A somewhat promise from a couple of countries to maybe fight climate change?

In other Copenhagen related / why Stephen Harper grinds my gears news, congratulations to our great country for winning the fossil of the YEAR award!

Toonie Tuesdays just got cheaper – Doc Halladay has left the Blue Jays to pitch for the Phillies. Blue Jays are the new Toronto Maple Leafs. Sigh.

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