Sneaky Canadians, Pirate Edition

15 Dec

Nothing to do with the post, but still awesome.

Last week, we talked about Neal Heagy‘s 15 minutes of fame, promoting his band via Google Street View. This week, a teen pirate from the outskirts of Ottawa. Okay, he isn’t really a pirate, but he has been running a pirate radio station out of his home. Jayhaed Saadé, 14, has had an all-music station for the past couple of years, but Industry Canada forced him to shut it down since it was unlicensed.

He’s applying for a license as we speak.

Honestly though, good for him for being crafty enough to create and run a radio station. I guess for some people, broadcasting is in their blood.

I don’t have much to add, really. I’m just impressed by his innovation at such a young age. I would never have even thought to do anything that entrepreneurial at 14. Good on him.


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