Journalists As Props? Please?

11 Dec

In light of this Star article exposing the amount of money police officers get paid to moonlight / chaperone for different events and goings-on in the city, I figured journalists can be put to work to do similar thoughtless tasks while getting paid double their salaries. Here are some suggestions as to what we can do for a bit of extra cash:

Extras in a movie – you always see scrums with a hoard of journalists in films and on TV. Why not just hire real journalists? We would probably accept less money than extras anyways.

Call centre stand-ins – If someone in your telemarketing firm has Swine flu, we can step in. We’re used to calling people for hours, being sworn at, making no progress etc…

Supervising – Heck, I’ll watch a pot hole if I can make $64 an hour.

Red-Light Camera – Give us a cherry picker and we’ll take pictures of those assholes who run red lights. If the police can replace inanimate objects, so can we? (in the article, some construction workers replace police with pylons and signs. Shocker.)

Teacher’s Assistant – Will copy edit for beer.

I think those are viable options for extra work. The city should consider spending taxpayers’ money on our needs, it’s only fair.

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