GSV, So Hot Right Now

9 Dec

Google Street View. Creepy? Yes. Awesome? Yes.

I will sacrifice my privacy for the entertainment value of this Google app. Nate Heagy of Saskatoon would agree. In his case, Google Street View made him an instant-celebrity through the most shameless self promotion I have ever seen. As soon as he learned that the GSV car was heading to Sask., he got wind of the driving route and set up shop with his guitar and a sign with his musical endeavor’s name on it. That’s free advertising for Fear Salesman. And I’m sure the media coverage helped him get some extra publicity. Hopefully his chutzpah will help him last longer than 15 minutes.

Heagy is not the only one who took advantage of the Google Street View filming escapades. Here are some other intenionally and unintentionally funny GSV images:


2 Responses to “GSV, So Hot Right Now”

  1. Rob December 9, 2009 at 12:17 pm #

    hahahaha AWESOME. Love the woman peeing behind her car and the house on fire


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    […] week, we talked about Neal Heagy’s 15 minutes of fame, promoting his band via Google Street View. This week, a teen pirate […]

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