I Kindle Get It

4 Dec

We’re all digitized. There’s no manual setting anymore, only button pushing and output getting. As Daft Punk has asserted, technology is harder, better, faster, stronger and you know what, that isn’t a bad thing.

For the sake of efficiency and accessibility, technology puts us at an advantage.

Enter Amazon’s Kindle, a digital reading device allowing you to access and store books and documents. Enter the death of the paperback novel.

I am both intrigued and bothered by the Kindle. On one hand, it revolutionizes and cheapens the way we buy books. With no physical copy of a novel, fees associated with that aspect of production are knocked off, much like buying music digitally.

By doing this and introducing the Kindle or similar technology into schools, costs of textbooks are greatly reduced. It gives users the ability to highlight and save information as well, a great tool for bookmarking.

Also you can hold up to 1,500 books on the device. Imagine what a bag full of 1,500 books would look like?

On the other hand, the Kindle just isn’t a book. You can’t populate a shelf with digital books, fold a page over to book mark it, lend it to a friend, borrow it from the library, physically turn a page.

My argument against the Kindle isn’t logic based, just an experiential defence. I understand its greatness but prefer the inconveniences of physical print.

The Kindle is available in Canada, but there have been issues regarding the lack of wireless connectivity and access to the web browser and blog subscription service.

An actual Kindle user on the crunchgear.com blog has compiled a list of 10 reasons to buy and 10 reasons not to buy a Kindle. Good points, interesting read.

Would you buy a Kindle? Why / why not?

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