I Heart Arianna

2 Dec

Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post spoke at a journalism conference in Washington DC. Her plan of action? Dispel Rupert Murdoch’s claims that old and new media cannot synergize, mainly because it’s already taking place, even within his umbrella of operations. Take that Murdoch!

I’ve heard arguments for the death of journalism and against. Huffington’s is one of the most sensible I’ve read. What is often forgotten is journalism and newspapers are separate entities. Fearing the death of the newspaper does NOT mean journalism is going down with it, although Huffington believes newspapers aren’t goners either.

She also discusses the value of the consumer and of citizen journalism in revolutionizing the way we interact with news.

To Arianna, the journalism industry is a melting pot of media, technology and consumers. To deny the relationship between these parts is to halt progress in the industry.

As she concludes:

“And the sooner we all embrace that world, the sooner we’ll be able to stop the name calling, put aside the increasingly desperate metaphors and increasingly desperate revenue models, and focus on what really matters: ensuring that in the future, journalism will not only survive, but be strengthened and thrive.”


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