Romi Reads The News [3]

29 Nov

This is what was on the wire this week:

Reverse Chris Brown? — To soon? Tiger Woods was in an accident. Did his wife beat him? Did she save him? Did he cheat on her? On the next Young and Athletic.

Russian Bombing — Questions surrounding the derailment of a train bound for St. Petersburg are slowly being answered. Now, a bomb is thought to have detonated on the tracks. Yet another terrorist attack. Scary.

Inhumane society — The arrest of OSPCA bigwigs based on allegations of animal abuse, mistreatment, and neglect forces Ontarians to reassess the way animals are treated in shelters on a national scale (or at least it should).

Shining Sequel — Stephen King announced in Toronto that he plans on making a sequel to The Shining. As I said on Twitter, this could be amazing or go horribly wrong. I am looking forward to reading it regardless! (are you?)

Maziar Bahari — I know this isn’t a news piece per se, but I really really enjoy this article. Bahari, a journalist recently released from Iranian prison recounts his experiences and motivation to survive.

Here is an article on journalist Amanda Lindhout, recently released from captivity in Somalia, now safe in Kenya.

Ugly ROM — The Crystal addition to the museum has been rated #8 out of ten of the world’s ugliest buildings. Maybe it’ll bring us some tourists. I like the Crystal though, am I the only one?

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