TTC Diaries: Youtube Edition

26 Nov

Dear Diary,

Procrastination is a wonderful thing sometimes. In my most stressful week, I guarantee you 90 per cent of my time has been spent not doing what I was supposed to do.

On one of my many (many….many) distracted moments, I decided to look up “TTC” on Youtube.

For your viewing pleasure, Diary, I have compiled my favourite vids related to the good ole Toronto Transit Commission.

1. I Get On (The TTC) – A Rap Video. Awesomely catchy with just a pinch of autotune. East side…south side…west side…word!

2. The Bench – Who are these people and why are they so angry? Watch the video to find out. Don’t deny it. This has happened to you.

3. A silent Rave on the TTC!!! – And why wasn’t I invited???

4. At the bus wash, yeah – You can take a TTC bus wash tour? It’s not a great vid, but I would like to go on one please and thank you.

5. Gaga goes TTC – She can ride my transit any day…whatever that means.

That’s all I’ve got, Diary.

Until next time….


Gossip Girl

One Response to “TTC Diaries: Youtube Edition”

  1. Richard November 27, 2009 at 12:14 am #

    The Bench was hilarious!

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