The Maple Leafs And I: views from the outside

17 Nov

Remember the good ‘ole days when the Toronto Maple Leafs were the best team in the league? The valour of our hockey greats won them the Stanley Cup 13 times!!! Ah, best team in the world.

Oh wait, I can’t remember because they last won in NINETEEN SIXTY SEVEN. Come on.

The last time the Leafs did something Toronto can be proud of was 46 years ago. Why are we pledging allegiance to a team that hasn’t won in our lifetime?

I am speaking from an outsider perspective. I don’t follow hockey for the most part, heck, I’m hardly a sports fan. I’m writing this after observing the fanaticism of sports fans of any team defending their beloveds for what they’re perceived to be worth. I don’t mean to offend, I just don’t understand the dedication.

Even those fans who embarassingly admit to recognizing the team’s failures, will still cheer them on, with blind hope that victory is in the cards.

Can someone let me in on the joke?

Why are we giving them all of our hard-earned money? Maple Leafs have been named the most valuable NHL team for the past 4 years. Worth $470 million to be exact. Not only that but their worth has increased 5% from last year.

“Hey Leafs, thanks for sucking in 2008; as a token of our gratitude, we’re giving you more money! Thank goodness for this salary cap, eh?”

Now the problem may lie in management, Maple Leaf sports and entertainment ltd., coaches, or the players themselves, but some onus also lies on the loyal Leafs fans.

These poor men, women, and children are spending their time and hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars (and beer money!) on a team that has one of the worst track records in the league, zombied by a sense of false optimism.

Perhaps this feeling is what unites the city.

Maybe we need something more.

I’m just asking for a better bang-for-buck on Toronto’s most prized possession and most treasured pastime.

…There I said it. Defend away!

3 Responses to “The Maple Leafs And I: views from the outside”

  1. Corey at 12:59 pm #

    The ridiculous thing is that we’re one of the biggest cities in North America, we have a team for almost every sport and yet we don’t have ANY good teams!

  2. Greg at 9:47 pm #

    Would a better alternative be the Leaf’s having no fans because of their record? Then we could watch the team fold and be moved to Kansas City, yay! To be loyal to a team based only on their success is as ridiculous as watching Baseball and Basketball only having one Canadian team to begin with..
    .. I think I’ll keep cheering for the blue and white

    • romeh at 9:51 pm #

      Fair enough.

      I just think there should be some criticism on the part of the fans as to encourage a team that is overflowing with money to give back to their loyal followers.
      For a team that has hundreds of millions of dollars, they make it impossible for the average mid-class Canadian, their biggest fan, to go to an arena and watch the game.

      If they aren’t willing to support their fans, why should we support them?

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