Romi Reads The News

15 Nov

…It’s true.

Ladies Can’t Jump: Female ski jumpers will not be competing in the Olympic games this February. Sad day. Truly one step back for equality in the games. Ski Jumper Lindsay Van even compares the IOC to the Taliban: “It’s like the Taliban of the Olympics,” she said. Ouch.

Larry Inappropriate King Show: Oh the joys of Rebulicanisms. Carrie Prejean, Ex Miss America contender and star of her own sex tape turned “writer”, needs her privacy. For someone to go on a TALK show, she doesn’t give Mr. King much to talk about other than her allegiance to Sarah Palin. At least I got my crazy fix for the week.

Topol Quits Fiddler On The Roof: Clearly the biggest news of the week, mainly because I (my parents) spent almost $100 on a ticket and now he’s out. I feel betrayed. So much for Tradition (….tradition …….. tradition!). I guess I can make do with 4 time Tony award winner Harvey Fierstein.

If Grade 6 Were Like this: I would never leave. Okay this isn’t news, but you need to see it. Amazing. I am totally #19.

Smitherman Vs. Tory–Fight To The Death: Perhaps it isn’t that intense. There were no weapons involved. The hostility is there though. On his radio show, John Tory aimed his attacks at guest George Smitherman’s involvement with eHealth. Smitherman denied, as a good politician should.

Terrorism Trial Party: Is Omar Khadr being tried in the U.S. or is he being repatriated in Canada? Nobody knows. In other news, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks is being tried in NYC.

That’s news enough for you.

Romi OUT.

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